Balisti Studios


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What We Offer


We specialize in in-game key-frame character animation, performance capture and clean-ups.



We create character models, vehicles, props and environment features in a sylised or realistic PBR treatment.

Our Story

In 2014, Triggerfish Animation Studios had just released two of South Africa’s most successful feature films of all time, back-to-back, and offered a chance to work on a string of BBC Christmas specials that would go on to win Annecy, Annie, BAFTA and Kidscreen awards and be nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy. But the game fanatics on our team wanted more. We chose a different mission: to start a gaming service company in Cape Town, South Africa, offering our animation and asset creation skills to the industry that most excited us. It was a smart choice which allowed us to work on AAA and mobile games for industry-leading companies – the kind of work we’ve always dreamt of, on the kind of games we love to play.

Our Values


We are a small, handpicked team of animators and artists who will obsess over the details just as much as you would. We’ll feel like part of your team – without the HR hassles of actually being in your office.


Triggerfish has been streamlining its processes for 21 years; we have the experience to save you time as well as money.


We comply with AAA security requirements. You didn’t hear about the work we do from us.

Why Cape Town

Similar time-zone with Europe

Cape Town is GMT+2, so there’s no need for early morning or late-night approvals. ------ --- ---- ----- ---- ---- ---- ----- ------------- ----- -------------- ---- ------- --- ---------

English-speaking talent

All our staff speak English as a first language. As importantly, they all grew up playing the same games as you, so will understand your references and sense of humour.